With the following equipment in our shop, we can complete most any type of welding:

  • A precision tig 225 amp Heliarc machine
  • Powermig 350 MP with a Cobra Gun capable of any wire feed process with pulse and pulse on pulse technology
  • Hypertherm 80 amp plasma machine capable of cutting steel and stainless steel up to 1 in thick and aluminum up to thick
  • Oxy/Acetylene torch
  • Eutaloy powder torch capable of build up or hard facing
  • Portable Miller Bobcat 250NT for field welding

CK Custom Design has successfully and efficiently completed projects such as: For the Neah Bay Fort Gaona Veterans Memorial, CK Custom Design fabricated a stainless steel time capsule with a removable lid. A stainless steel viewing box with a glass lid sealed to hold and display an original brick from the Spanish Fort was custom built and installed. Over 80 feet of metal pipe hand-railing was also built and installed.

Our company is experienced in designing and fabricating custom metal pipe hand rail applications. We have designed hand rails for stairway and handicapped safety areas and can accommodate most any need for hand rails for business or residential properties.

We have successfully repaired numerous aluminum boats that have had damages such as cracked or broken transoms, cracked frames, worn bottoms, bow damage. With our years of boating experience we can ensure that all aluminum boat repairs are done correctly and efficiently while maintaining the overall structural integrity of the boat and ultimately keeping the owners or operators safe.

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